When to Visit

When to Visit

Our busiest months are June – September, but remember that this is also when the canals are at their busiest, and there are different reasons for visiting at all times of the year.


Spring is the time to jump aboard if you’re eager to join us right at the start of the season.  We’ve normally made a few exciting changes and it’s the time for spotting baby goslings and ducklings.  We have seen up to a dozen ducklings in one brood.


The best time to come if you want a chance at sunbathing on the roof, and enjoying the beer gardens!  There’s a great buzz at this time of year as the canals are full of people on holiday and everyone will spend time chatting with one another.


The most colourful time of the year, absolutely beautiful and a little quieter. Our favourite time.


We sometimes do extend our season to include a couple of Winter cruises depending on the demand.  This is the time when all the hire boat companies have stopped and the only boats out on the water are the live-aboards with the smoking chimneys going all day and night. You’ll stay cozy and warm on the Wandering Duck with our full central heating and extra blankets.  During the day it’s not unusual to be breaking through a film of ice, and to see snow on the tops of the trees and surrounding hills.  You’ll leave wondering why more people don’t come and experience the canals at such a beautiful and quiet time.