Other Activities

Other Activities

Like to keep busy?

If putting your feet up with a glass of wine and a good book isn’t your thing, then how about adding on an extra activity to your canal boat break?

Working the Locks

– All of our tours include lock flights (except our Halfday and Taster Experience), so expect to spend at least a couple of hours (often longer) of fairly active time as you open and close paddles and huge solid oak lock gates.


– We carry a small amount of fishing tackle on board and we’re happy to give you a little tuition if you’ve never been fishing before. All fishing is catch-and-release and there is no charge for use of the fishing gear.


– On each of our tour pages you’ll find a list of available walks and a bit of information about each one.  Remember that we’re restricted to travelling along the canal at walking pace.  This means that at any point you’re welcome to hop off the boat and walk alongside the boat.

Oliver’s Chocolate Parties

– On our 2 night Canal Boat Escape Congleton to Marple trip it may be possible to book a session at Oliver’s Chocolate Parties.  Pre-booking essential, extra charges apply.