Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

Doing what we can to limit our impact

Roberta and I are keen to limit the environmental impact of Wandering Duck’s tours. This is simply an extension of how we live our everyday lives.

We’re not perfect, but we’ve made a good start and we look forward to improving this list over time:

Solar Power

– We have a 380w solar system which decreases our reliance on our diesel engine for generating electricity for us and our guests.

Cleaning Products

– We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, biodegradable, and free of bleaches and nasty chemicals for all of our every day cleaning duties. This includes general cleaning, glass cleaning, toilet cleaning, and washing up.


– We use environmentally friendly, biodegradable toiletries.  Our grey water (from showers and sinks) is fed directly into the canal, so this is really important to us.  Though not essential, guests are encouraged to do the same.  Biodegradable toiletries are readily available from places like Lush and the Bodyshop.


– We recycle all of our paper and card, and all of our plastic and glass bottles.  All grocery shopping is delivered without the use of plastic carrier bags.


– We do what we can not to waste precious water.  On the boat, you’ll find good, powerful showers, but they are fitted with a waste-saving shower head designed to maximise pressure without using excessive amounts of water.  Off the boat we are always careful to ensure that lock water is used by another boat and not wasted wherever possible, even if this means delaying us for a few extra minutes.

Green Blue Environment Programme

– We have signed up to the British Marine Federation’s Green Blue Environment Programme which aims to help it’s members to reduce their impact on coastal and inland waters.

Regular Engine Maintenance

– Through regular maintenance, using appropriate fuel additives, and disposing of used engine oil in designated waste management facilities, we aim to minimise the risk of harmful pollutants entering the water system and the atmosphere.