Coming on a Wandering Duck Tour

Join us and meet like-minded travellers on an overnight canal boat experience. This could be the most unique tour in the UK so what are you waiting for?


We believe that there is a difference between a tourist and a traveller.

We want to take you on a tour that shows you a hidden side to the UK. The UK’s canal network is like a working museum. It’s a 200 year old transport network that spawned the Industrial Revolution (which began in Manchester).

1000′s of UK residents now live on canal boats. It’s one of the only remaining nomadic lifestyles that is still (just about) sociably accepted here. The network is also hugely popular for recreation – whether hiring a boat between a group of friends, or owning a narrowboat as a holiday home. Wandering Duck has made the canals accessible to backpackers for the first time since the original hostel boats of the 1970′s.

But it’s not all about history you know? If you’ve ever enjoyed the freedom of hiring a campervan and cruising around, then think of Wandering Duck as doing the same on the water. With an ipod, a bar and everything we need to enjoy a party on the boat, it’s difficult NOT to have a good time!

If you’re looking for a unique way to escape the cities and see a slice of the real England.
If you’re looking for a way to come into contact with local people.
If you’re looking for a genuine and authentic way to experience the real life of the English countryside.

Then a Wandering Duck Canal Boat Experience is for you.


Looking to experience the Real England?

OK so you’re not a backpacker, but you still have a sense of adventure. You don’t mind sharing a simple bunk cabin with strangers in return for a memorable and authentic experience.

These days there are few experiences which offer a genuine and real experience of the country you’re travelling in. Wandering Duck is not a boat trip. It’s a way to experience a way of life, and to come into contact with local people.

Whilst we don’t allow children to come on our scheduled tours, we have no upper age limit. What we love about our tours is the diversity of people it attracts. We have welcomed guests of all ages from all over the world. What we do attract is open-minded, friendly individuals happy to spend a few days sharing a small but comfortable space with people they don’t yet know. People with an adventurous spirit who are ready to share travel stories around the dinner table. If this is you, we look forward to welcoming you aboard!


If you’re a student looking for fun and unique ways to fill your weekends or holiday time then why not come along on your own or with a friend on a Wandering Duck tour. We’re a great alternative to canal boat hire, and much more cost-effective than canal boat hire when you don’t have a large group of your own.

So, stop studying for a moment. If you’re living in a new city, and you’ve got a weekend free, then this is your opportunity to get out into the countryside for an experience that far outweighs another weekend of hangovers and Hollyoaks.


Back in the UK and miss backpacking?

OK, so you’ve been all over Asia and Australia. But how about a bit of backpacking in the UK? Wandering Duck is all about meeting people of all ages from all over. If you’re missing that special vibe that you only find when you’re backpacking around the world, then maybe it’s time to look a little closer to home. You may have cruised around the Whitsundays or taken a houseboat in Kerala. Well now it’s time to experience the meandering canals of England; backpacker-style. Who needs an expensive round the world ticket and a year off work when experiences like this are just around the corner.