It’s hard to stop Overlanding…….

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia the definition of Overlanding is ‘self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal’, so after nearly 7 months overlanding in South America and about 5 and a half months travelling down the East coast of Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town, we didn’t want the journey to stop.

However we reluctantly decided that we would head back to the UK to try and re-integrate into normal life, but looked round for opportunities which would allow us to put off being ‘normal’ for a little bit longer – how to travel without travelling as it were.

Overseas travel – new places, new challenges, new adventures  (and the sun shines!)

PicMonkey Collage

Random searches on that t’interweb thingy had thrown up some possible work options but then one advert certainly caught our eye –

“For Sale: Unique Hostel Boat on UK’s Canals – are you the next Wandering Duck?”

Err, excuse me – are we the WHAT???

Well, apparently we are (considering that I am writing this while looking out of a boat window at the ducks and geese). Four days after returning to the UK we went and saw Rakiraki  (the boat) for the first time. After another visit later that week, and many conversations with Mark and Ruth who had originally conceived the idea of Wandering Duck and had successfully operated the business for 4 years, the decision was made and we started our new adventure.

So, referring back to the definition at the top of this post, we may now be travelling over water, not land, and the Macclesfield canal cannot really be classed as being remote, but it is still all about the journey.  Let’s see where it takes us!


In the next blog post: ‘First wanderings with the Duck’