The NEW Mr & Mrs Duck!

I can’t tell you how exciting it is for us to make this announcement.

Just before Christmas we agreed to sell Wandering Duck to a lovely couple, Lee and Roberta.

Lee and Roberta have recently returned from two epic journeys of South America and Africa. Like me and Ruth, they also met whilst travelling and travel is clearly an important part of their lives.

Lee and Roberta don’t come from a canal or boating background. In fact, the first time Roberta ever stepped on to a narrowboat was the first time they came to see us! This, quite understandably, could be seen as a rather brave, perhaps even crazy move. But I have been through this before on my own journey setting up Wandering Duck.

Travel takes you on a physical and a mental journey. It’s about experiencing different ways of life, pushing your comfort zone, meeting people, experiencing different cultures. After you’ve been on that journey it’s hard to figure out what to do next.

Lee and Roberta found out about us whilst searching through a forum on backpacker hostels for sale. Like us, they wanted to find a way to continue to connect with other like-minded people. When they found that Wandering Duck was for sale they got straight in touch with us. They’re going from overland trucks to overwater narrowboats and they cannot wait to get going.

As you can imagine, it’s as important to us as it is to Lee and Roberta that Wandering Duck continues to offer a unique, homely and personable experience on the canals; the authenticity that guests have come to enjoy that has rewarded us with exceptional guest reviews and two tourism awards.

We’re now at the start of a rather in-depth process of handing over the business. Lee and Roberta have spent weeks reading and understanding every element of what we do and why we do it. Just last week we got out on the water for a few days cruising through rural Cheshire. I’ll be working with Lee and Roberta over the next 3 months to ensure that by 18th March they are good and ready for their first scheduled trip.

We’re very excited for them. We remember what it was like for us when we first started Wandering Duck. That healthy combination of excitement and terror! When you choose a lifestyle like this you really give everything you have into making a success of it. We really look forward to following their journey over the months and years ahead. I hope you can get behind them and support them in this new and exciting adventure.

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